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In 1988, the average bank lending rate was above 16 percent. Lending rates remained in double digits until well into the 1990s. Today, residential mortgage rates are at a record low below 3 percent. We seem to be entering a period of slightly higher interest rates, which may increase interest burdens and curb household borrowing. Regardless of what happens in the years to come, however, interest rates cannot fall as far as in the past 25 years. Those who borrow today must consider whether they are taking on an amount of debt they can live with over time. The rear view mirror will be poor guidance going forward. Norway has a well equipped toolkit for counteracting crises. There is room for manoeuvre in monetary and fiscal policy. Norwegian authorities have also introduced a number of measures to reduce the vulnerability of the economy to shocks, especially in the wake of the financial crisis in 2008 and 2009. Banks are required to hold more equity and more liquid assets, which strengthens banks' resilience.

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With your initial call, you'll be assigned a friendly, experienced financial counselor to help guide you through your financial options. This person develops a knowledge of your personal financial situation and works with you to create a comprehensive solution to meet your needs. They also stay in contact with you while you progress through your debt resolution plan, until you've reached your financial goals. This is a greatbenefit, since your goals may change and it's good to have a familiar, knowledgeable expert readily available to answer any questions you may have. As a connection service rather than a direct debt relief lender, the loan products that LendingTree offers and their terms and conditions naturally vary with each individual lender. One advantage of using LendingTree is the ability to survey multiple lenders' debt relief offers without having to disclose one's personal information to those lenders. You only have to make yourself known when you've made thedecision to apply for the loan that best fits your debt relief needs. Borrowers can also use offers obtained on LendingTree to negotiate directly with lenders; LendingTree provides customers with lenders' direct contact information for that very purpose. Accredited Debt Relief is a reputable company that helps customers reduce their debt obligations by matching them with partner services. Just by looking at their "Proven Results" page, it's easy to see the advantages of working with ADR. For example, their customers with debts owed to Bank of America were able to reach settlements that saved them anywhere from 52 80% of the original amounts owed.

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