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Ribs should be well sprung but not barreled.

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He doesn't have a vicious bone in his body.

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It would be a punishment to leave a doodle alone for long periods of time without human contact. More…

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These pups are highly adaptable. More…

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Sebaceous Adenitis SA Skin Disorder Thyroid malfunctions Not Required but a highly recommended test for all breeding dogs. Tests required for breeding of Miniature and Toy Poodles. 1. Hips for HD and Legg Perves Disease OFA, Penn hip or OVC2. Stifles for Luxating Patella's3. Eyes CERF Required Yearly4. Von Willebrands Disease vWd DNA or Blood screen Thyroid malfunctions Not Required but a highly recommended test for all breeding dogsI have given you a brief description of the doodle. If you have more questions about this breed you are more then welcome to visit my website. These dogs are becoming very popular and there is no question in my mind why this is. They are amazing with kids and can live in almost any type of environment. The best way to describe these amazing dogs are "Little people in fur coats"Sherry Rupke is a vet tech, and has received many years of training on proper care of dogs and other animals.

This is a large dog, weighing around 50 90 lbs, that requires a lot of exercise, but has a wonderfully friendly and affectionate personality.

Parti coloured dogs, with patches of darker markings over a light background, are also fairly common.

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