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Thank you so very much for breeding such an amazing dog.

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Hi!Because the boy is more important than I am.

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She follows me around the house and lays at my feet. More…

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I think her kind eyes and loving demeanor would be perfect for it!Thank you for our perfect fur baby. More…

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BEVERLEY MANNERS SEE "THE ART OF DEVELOPING A BREED" BY BEVERLEY MANNERS everley breedhist. htm In 1998, Tegan Park introduced the "Miniature" Labradoodle to the public. When these were crossed with the standard Labradoodle, the medium Labradoodle resulted. Thus three sizes are currently distinguished. What ensued was a remarkable yet somewhat misleading marketing campaign that took the world, particularly the United States by storm inducing "Doodle Fever" in the masses. Thanks to the skillful use of PR combined with the fact that doodles happen to truly be wonderful canine companions regardless of their coat types, the demand for these dogs increased dramatically and virtually overnight. Suddenly everyone and anyone who could get their hands on a Standard Poodle and Lab breeding pair, went into the doodle breeding business. In 2008 Ms. Manners of Rutland Manor and her daughter Ms. Cunningham of Tegan Park had a nasty and very public "parting of ways". Cunningham's bitter divorce and the dissolving of mutual assets acquired during the marriage, resulted in Tegan Park USA doodles and foundation breeding stock dogs worth millions left in deplorable conditions on the Cunningham's Florida ranch.

The pups will get to meet people of all ages and we also have three other dogs for them to interact with.

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