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Many who were sick and suffering from various ailments including Parvo virus and malnutrition died.

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By now, I should know enough to keep track of our puppy’s every meal and footstep and bowel movement, so I can provide him with a detailed report.

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Blow drying your Goldendoodle right after the bath, will also help “remove” fleas too. More…

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Well bred Goldendoodles have the perfect temperament for therapy and service dogs. More…

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The name “Goldendoodle” was first used in the United States in the early 1990s, several years after Wally Conron coined the term “Labradoodle” for its Australian cousin. The Labradoodle was developed as a guide dog for vision impaired people who themselves or whose family members suffered from dog allergies. As the Labradoodle’s popularity rose astronomically among service and companion dog owners in the late 1980s and 1990s, other dog fanciers decided to cross Golden Retrievers with Standard Poodles, to see if the gentle nature and cheerfulness of the Golden and the coat and intelligence of the Poodle would produce a combination as popular as that of the Labradoodle. First generation F1 Goldendoodles are the hybrid offspring of a Golden Retriever bred to a Standard Poodle. These Goldendoodles may or may not be allergy friendly, and their coats can shed a little or a lot. First generation littermates rarely share consistent traits.

Helly is such an affectionate, intelligent, loyal, photogenic, and incredibly well adjusted puppy.

He has a typical golden retriever nature; friendly loving and a eagerness to please.

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