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Chagar Kennels Olde English Bulldogges

Chagar Kennels has suspended our breeding program indefinitely. If you are looking for a dogge or just need some honest information, you can contact us and we'll try to help.

Chagar Kennels is a small Canadian Kennel that is devoted to the development and promotion of the Olde English Bulldogge in Canada and the first in Alberta and the other prairie provinces. We take great pride in sharing this amazing breed with others.

We feel so fortunate to be able to bring these wonderful alternative bulldogges to Alberta. This breed deserves to have the best representation possible and that's what we have been doing and what we will continue to do. We don't make any false claims to boost us or our dogges credibility. We are open and honest on all aspects of our breeding program, our dogges and us. We don't breed dogges that are unregistered or not wholly owned by us.

We don't believe in breeding dogges that are not part of the family. They are in the house with us, always, not in a kennel. We have to do more house work and we always have dogges underfoot but this is what we prefer. They are part of the family, not kept just to breed over and over again to generate money. They are family.

We expose our dogges to all kinds of situations, from regular in the home stress (vacuum, T.V. loud noises from the kitchen, raised voices etc.) to some uncommon stressors, things that may provoke a dog to bite or become aggressive. We regularly play with them, cuddle them, and provide stimuli that they may not get from the usual owner. We believe in having our dogges "bomb proof". This means that your young son or daughter can grab them by the tail or poke them in places that only a young child would poke. They can be poked, prodded and subjected to most anything that a vet would do and not shy away or whine or growl. They know that it is part of life and that it is not a threatening situation.

We only breed dogges that have the look of the bulldog, not the look of a Pitbull or American Bulldog. We are striving to reproduce the bulldog of old, wrinkly, jowlely, short snout, and large bully head, robust, athletic and loyal. All of our dogges meet these criteria. They look bully, act bully and are bully.

If we do not have quite what you are looking for in a dogge or any puppies available we can recommend reputable breeders. We will not recommend anyone that does not have the breed's best interest at heart. We know of many breeders in Ontario and the United States and will be happy to let you know who and where they are.

We can produce ACTUAL ownership transfer papers and pedigrees on all our dogges and can provide references on our puppies and adult dogges. Our dogges are registered with a credible registry that is particular about TRUE information. Our dogges lineage is traceable back several generations, all bulldogges, not out crossed with a different bull breed.

Honesty and Integrity are foundation principles in our program.

Our intent is to produce what we feel is the best representation of the Bulldogges of Olde. To us, this dog should be alert, athletic, strong and confident, but not aggressive. They love to play and are protective of their family. Overall our bulldogges make excellent family pets.

Our Dogs are Registered with the IOEBA
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